ITG is a Learning Environment Integration Company. 

We are an authorized AV and Furniture Dealer, and Installation Services provider. 

We specialize in the interplay of people using both audio/video and collaborative furniture to craft engaging learning and work spaces.
  • ITG has a stellar AV technology integration reputation in K-12 schools. 
    • We partner and provide installation services for educational manufactures, resellers, contractors, consultants, and School Districts throughout the United States.

    • In the last 10 years, we have completed more than 6,000 classroom, library, or lab installations with audio, video displays, and collaborative furniture. 

  • In moving forward with 21st century learning, ITG has created three-tier budget design solutions for both AV and furniture in the transformation of the following learning spaces - 

    1. Classroom to Learning Studio
    2. Library to Learning Commons, and
    3. Lab to Makerspace

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