Professional Learning Community (PLC) Room and Lounge
Washington Elementary STEAM Magnet 

I used the following technology and furniture to design this multi-purpose space.

  1. 24' L x 8' H Whiteboard Wall with Casio Short-throw Video Projector System and wall controls
  2. 65" Samsung TV connected to video projector as a second display or used as a stand alone data display or television.
  3. 10- Bretford 24x60" Flip Top Nesting Tables w/ casters
  4. 4- Bretford 48" Flip Top Nesting Half-Round Tables w/ casters
  5. 1- Bretford 24x48" Connections Presentation Station w/ white laminate for doc cam
  6. 1- Bretford 4 leg table 30x60" w/ casters (kitchen area)
  7. 24- Bretford Explore Chairs w/ casters 
  8. 5- Existing sofa chairs and coffee table

Nesting rectangular tables and stacking caster chairs provide flexibility to repurpose space

Using two half-round tables for a small group

Four collaborative groups

Single tables by the windows

Two rectangular tables with two half-round tables as end caps 

View of 65" Samsung TV connected either as a separate display or TV, or used as a second display with the Casio video projector. The five blue sofa chairs and coffee table provide a comfy space for a smaller group.

Door view entering room, default room set up

Half-round flip-top table used as end with rectangular flip-top nesting tables

Nesting half-round tables

Round Table Set up

Single tables angled to the white board wall

Single tables facing the whiteboard wall  

Wilson Art Laminate table tops -
Cornflower Milk Paint

Used an original Presentation Station that I  designed for the SDUSD i21 Technology Initiative with teacher laptop and document camera. Cables run to cabinet to control audio amplifier/speakers and new video wall control.

I would like to thank the following people for their leadership and participation in this project.

  • David Crum, Principal at WES
  • Nicole Paquette, Admin. Assistant at WES 
  • Mack Jackson, Building Site Supervisor at WES 
  • Jerry Van Wey, President of Integrated Technologies Group
  • Dean Smith, President of D&D Security Resources
  • Shawna McIntosh and Rodger Ashworth, Resource Teachers at WES
  • Leah Pantea, Art Teacher at WES

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