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Triangular Student Desks

In 2008-09, I collaborated with Hon in the development of their Smartlink Student Sit-to-Stand Desk. This design was ahead of its time as it created a standing option for student desks in the classroom and an idea that is just now beginning to be explored in K-12 education. It may also be interesting to observe that currently, the self-adjustable height office desk has become all the rage in many office buildings in the last few years. These crank and electric controlled sit-to-stand desks typically start in the $1000 range but remain unaffordable for K-12 schools. 

The simpler triangular desk is an affordable option as students need to stand and shift their weight during class. A standing desk provides students the option to sit using an adjustable stool chair, or slide the stool back and stand. These desks are also a great option for a library or creating a theater tier-like seating arrangement.

Both sit and stand triangular desks are wider than many single desks. This can be an advantage in larger classrooms and may not be the best solution for smaller classrooms. 

Note- This is only a public introduction page. I have multiple sit or stand triangular desk manufacturers/vendors products, services and pricing to share with my clients and their associates to meet district, school and/or individual learning space needs.

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