Quest Center

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The After Pics - Quest Center Slideshow 

Quest Center

 Frontier High School

 Bakersfield, California

The Quest Center was designed by a collaborative team that included:
school administration, student input, Kern HS District Facilities and Construction staff, designer Valerie Anglen and 
D&D Resources. GROUPWERK's 
Doug McIntosh was part of the D&D team on this project. The school's vision was to take an existing traditional library set up of rectangular tables and chairs and transform it into a 21st century learning space divided into unique learning zones. 

  1. Gathering Zone 
  2. Charging Zone
  3. Genius Bar/Cafe 
  4. Computer Lab
  5. Study Zones
  6. Research Zone
  7. Teaming Table Zones
  8. Library Books Zone
  9. Classroom Zone

Learning Zones 

Main Floor

Gathering Zone - from main entrance - Modular soft seating benches 

Genius Bar / Cafe - Multipurpose zone w/ popup power/USB ports in custom built counter

Computer Lab - 2 separate rooms

Study Zones - Soft Modular Seating Options

Research Zone - Quad flat screen LED display w/ presentation station - custom built counter w/ power USB - cafe chairs - Outer U shape

Teaming Tables - Collaborative modular tables with casters and pop up power/USB  

Library Books Zone - Silver Shelving front plate upgrade  - Soft Seating w/tablet arms

Charging Station

Charging Station - Custom built-in counter w/ power/USB ports - Use of existing library chairs

Cafe Tables and Chairs - featuring hard surface flooring for traffic pattern / food

Study Zones - Soft Seating w/tablet top

Research Zone  - Inner U shape - Soft Modular Seating Options w/ quarter round and rectangular laminate tops

Main Floor Study Zones

Study Zones - Main Floor view w/ Quest graphic

Teaming Tables - Custom built tables and LED display w/ HDMI cables for individual mobile device pluggin

Classroom Projects Zone - Ceiling mounted projector linked together with white board and Interactive white board - All-in-one desk chairs with casters

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