Project Learning Spaces

Project Learning Spaces - Info Packet

GROUPWERK™ orchestrates philanthropic projects by providing donated new furniture directly to teachers and librarians in K-12 schools transforming their classrooms, libraries and labs into engaging learning spaces. 

Read below for more details of this innovative program as we partner with participating furniture businesses, organizations and citizens.

Transforming Classrooms to Learning Studios,
Libraries to Learning Commons and
Labs to Makerspaces

  • a classroom is a place where students are taught.
  • a library is a place to research, read or study.
  • a lab is a place for hands-on learning activities.
  • a studio is a place where things or performances are created.

Transformative Learning Space Design embodies the pedagogical change from teacher-centered learning to student-centered learning in a classroom, library or lab. Here, traditional learning spaces designed with a singular purpose are redesigned to multi-purpose learning spaces. This transformation from 20th century to 21st-century learning spaces uses a new lexicon to describe the metamorphosis from -

  1. Classroom to Learning Studio
  2. Library to Learning Commons
  3. Lab to Makerspace
These three fundamental learning spaces take on a more flexible function as all can become places for learning, collaboration, individual space and active movement contained within the same space. Interior design layouts, now include a broader mix of hard and soft furniture made for school, work and home spaces. These spaces may also be equipped with a variety of making materials and technology tools appropriate to the age group of students. The redesign of these 21st-century learning spaces are crafted by learning communities as a major learning outcome to raise the level of creativity for all students within a face-to-face learning environment.

Why do schools need to change their learning spaces?

  • Today, most of our K-12 learning spaces in the United States are pedagogically founded and physically furnished in the reflection of late 20th century schools from the 1970's - 1990's. 

  • The learning environment needs to reflect the curriculum. As the United States slowly moves to more of a inquiry/project-based curriculum, the focus is shifting from educators mostly standing in front teaching, to guiding students in the learning process through inquiry, collaboration and making activities. 

  • We are moving from single subjects being taught at a specific time period, to integrated subjects designed through projects as students work together. This approach models the real world and much of our current world of work. 

Who is leading this change?

Leading this change, one room at a time, are individual teachers and librarians who practice project/inquiry-based learning. These educators use technology and mix up how their space is set up on a regular basis and view physical space as a critical component for their students' well being and academic achievement. As an organization, Groupwerk knows and are always looking for these leading educators, along with the help of their supportive administrators. 

Information Packet 
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Donations by Business Partners to help create engaging learning spaces with our partnering schools

What is Groupwerk's role in the donation process?

Groupwerk partner's with furniture businesses, organizations and/or individuals who want to help schools. These partners donate new, overstock or sample furniture, or provide monetary donations for furniture to schools directly as their donation. Groupwerk does its homework and facilitates a match between a selected teacher's or librarian's need with a donor's gift directly to that educator's school, helping transform their current learning space. 

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