IB Office and PD Spaces

IB Office and PD Spaces
Mission Bay High School 

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Office and Professional Development Spaces were created to effectively run the IB Program as a functional office, meeting place for parents, students, MBHS PD and District meetings. I used 5 main pieces of furniture and equipment in the design:

  1. Adjustable Computer Tables for the two Office Desks
  2. New 21st century style Combination Desks for the PD space
  3. Nesting Tables w/ task chairs for the both the PD & Office spaces
  4. Mobile Storage Cabinets with Casters
  5. 2 Video Projection systems connected together

Physical Space Design

Tracy Borg, IB Coordinator - Office Space

Tracy Borg

 All-in-one Combo Desks with Casters

 Combo Desks- Small Groups of 2 and 3

 Meeting in the Round

Area Carpet

Area Carpet

Huddle Meeting Space
Huddle Space
with Ceiling Mounted Video Projector and Screen

Shauna Fitzpatrick, IB Clerk - Office Space

Shauna Fitzpatrick

Looking out into PD Space

Nesting Tables

Nesting Tables with Task Chairs

Mobile Storage Cabinet with Casters 

 i21 Presentation Station Connected to
Huddle Space Video Projector through Ceiling

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