Constructivist Learning Design  

 “If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” John Dewey

Constructivist learning is based on the theory that people actively construct knowledge, skills and values through experiences in their physical and social environments. We continually construct are own understanding as we encounter new experiences and reflect upon our previous knowledge, skills and values.

Here, constructivist learning design is embodied through integrated studies to facilitate the combined practices of  inquiry-based learning + project-based learning + social and emotional learning as a framework for crafting engaging learning environments.


Engagement is the wonder word many educators use to describe how teaching and learning embodies twenty-first century learning environments. However, engagement just doesn't happen because a district or school have purchased the latest technology or cool furniture.
Engagement is the in the moment outcome that comes from constructivist learning activities derived from an integrated studies approach. Iis an active process, the wonderment in the eyes of our students as the spark to an understanding about ourselves and our world. As educators, we need to provide students with active hands-on/minds-on pedagogy as the wind to our sails so that synonyms of engagement are used to describe the learning within our educational culture, places and spaces. 
 Doug McIntosh     
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