Here, an interior flexible learning environment is defined in the context of learning in a physical space infused with furniture, materials, tools and technology that enhances everyone's sensory input, physical movement, and psychological well-being. 

A face-to-face flexible learning space has three x-factors for personal and social engagement: 
  1. Personalized & Collaborative Furniture- laying, sitting, standing, and wiggling while working independently or in groups;
  2. Audio & Visual Communications- walls that talk using AV, and a variety of fixed and mobile displays, boards, and furniture;
  3. Mobile Storage- places organized for each student, and for the variety of room materials, books, tools, and technology- on casters.
Personalized &
Collaborative Furniture
Audio & Video Communications
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture   Task Seating
Trax Stool - Retro Style
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture   Kinesthetic Seating
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture   Soft Seating
Cocoon - Media Campfire
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture   Sit to Stand Desks & Tables
Personalized & Collaborative Furniture   Collaboration Tables (The Shape Shifters)
Tablet Side Table 
Used with Soft Furniture
Audio & Visual Communications   Instructional Audio Systems 
Audio & Visual Communications  Fixed & Mobile A/V Displays
A flexible space AV design scheme that is gaining popularity in schools now uses two or more LED displays with one larger display fixed mounted to a wall, and one or more smaller displays mounted on mobile stands. The key is to link the two or more displays so that they mirror each other, or are switched to work as independent screens in group work. There is also the decision whether to use all interactive touch panels or mix with less expensive flat screen display monitors/tv's.
Audio & Visual Communications   Mobile Presentation Station

Presentation Station (coming soon) -
Concept of the Mobile Presentation Station

Audio & Visual Communications   Whiteboards • Easels • Glassboards
Sharewall - Full Wall Whiteboards
Audio & Visual Communications   Tackboards and Room Dividers
Tackboards - 100% Recycled Rubber board shown here
Mobile Storage   Student Storage
Personal student storage as an alternative to assigned desk storage
Mobile Storage   General Mobile Storage Cabinets • Mobile Bookcases
Mobile Room Storage Cabinet
(Coming Soon)
Mobile Storage  Power Towers • Tablet/Laptop Carts • 3D Printers/Carts
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