A face-to-face flexible learning space integrates five x-Factors for student engagement and well-being:
x1. Sitting Seating & Carpet Options 
x2. Standing  Sit to Stand Options 
x3. Collaboration Group Work Furniture & Technology
x4. Walls  Audio & Visual Communications
x5. Storage  Personal & Mobile Storage
x1. Sitting    For all the students sitting in class, needing to get their wiggles out
Tablet Arm Chairs The X Factor Gold Metal for Classroom Seating Grades 6-Adult 
Kinesthetic Chairs and Stools
Task Chairs, Guest Chairs, and Stools
Soft Seating  Who says learning has to be hard?
Single Armless Lounge Chair with casters The X Factor Gold Metal for Soft Seating 
Carpet Options
x2. Standing          Because I don't want to sit on my bum all day
Self-Adjustable Height Desks with casters The X Factor Gold Metal for Student Desks
Self-Adjustable Tables The X Factor Gold Metal for Student Tables
x3.  Collaboration          Learning together in group work
Group Work Tables
Rectangular and Half Round Flip and Nest Tables -  The X Factor Gold Metal for Student Collaboration
Multimedia Tables, Seating & Carts 
x4. Walls                      Walls that talk
Whiteboards and Glassboards
Video Displays and Classroom Audio
3D Printers
Kinesthetic Active Walls
x5. Storage   No assigned seating and fixed cabinets that hinder flexible space design

Personal and Mobile Storage

Mobile Storage Cabinets - The X Factor Gold Metal for Personal and Classroom Storage
Personal Storage as an alternative to desk storage
Project Learning Spaces™ DIY Wish List Resources
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